May 27, 2022 — Arlington, Virginia — In anticipation of Memorial Day, members of Drexel Hamilton presented a wreath today at Arlington National Cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on behalf of the 100% veteran-owned and operated investment bank and in honor of all military members who have died while serving our country. In weather befitting the somber ritual, Drexel Hamilton’s Tim Rose, Jerry Majetich, Kelvin Hart, and Carlos Orellana participated in the wreath laying ceremony at the sacred memorial site that has inspired reflection on service, valor, sacrifice and mourning for over 100 years now. Positioned at the top of the marble stairs facing the Tomb, they witnessed the “Changing of the Guard” before being led down the stairs by a Sentinel as another guard approached with Drexel Hamilton’s wreath. After helping place it in front of the Tomb, all rendered salutes as a single bugler sounded “Taps”.

This Memorial Day weekend we look forward to continuing to reflect on all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, preserving freedom and attempting to secure it across the globe. We honor and remember their courage, dedication, and selflessness and hold close in our minds and hearts the loved ones left behind.