Goldman Sachs Partners with Drexel Hamilton to Launch New Money Market Funds (VETXX & VTNXX)

On September 9, 2019, Goldman Sachs and Drexel Hamilton announced the launch of the Drexel Hamilton share class of the GS Financial Square Government Money Market Fund and GS Financial Square Prime Obligations Money Market Fund (VETXX & VTNXX).


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Government Fund
Ticker: VETXX
CUSIP: 38150C762
Prime Institutional
Ticker: VTNXX
CUSIP: 38150C770


Why Select Goldman Sachs Drexel Hamilton share classes?
These share classes achieve the benefits of Sustainability and Impact investing. The funds generate competitive financial returns and create positive social impact for Drexel Hamilton’s mission of training and employing disabled veterans.


  • Military Veteran Inclusion with Tier 1 Performance.
  • Achieves Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Corporate
  • Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.
  • Fits Investment Policies, AUM & Yields.
  • Portal Accessible.
  • Liquid, T+0 Wires.
  • Diversity Creates Better Results.


“Our money market fund share classes capture competitive yields. Investing in our suite of products helps drive employment opportunities for our military veterans and support for our military veteran communities.”
– John Martinko, President & Managing Partner Drexel Hamilton.

Share classes are available in the following funds:Additional information can be found at
Risk Considerations
Fixed income investing entails credit risk and interest rate risk. When interest rates rise, bond prices generally fall.
All investing involves risk. You could lose money by investing in a money market fund. An investment in a money market fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Money market funds are not subject to credit risk, but will have interest rate risk. Institutional money market funds may have floating net asset values, and will fluctuate depending on market conditions. The Fund’s sponsor has no legal obligation to provide financial support to a money market portfolio, and you should not expect that the sponsor will provide financial support to the money market portfolio at any time.THIS MATERIAL DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER OR SOLICITATION IN ANY JURISDICTION WHERE OR TO ANY PERSON TO WHOM IT WOULD BE UNAUTHORIZED OR UNLAWFUL TO DO SO.Prospective investors should inform themselves as to any applicable legal requirements and taxation and exchange control regulations in the countries of their citizenship, residence or domicile which might be relevant.
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