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Veteran Bio

Fred Phelan, United States Air Force

Lt. Col Phelan graduated from the Air Force Academy in June 1993. His fist assignment was as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, 56th Fighter Wing, Luke AFB, AZ. He Commanded 115 airmen and coordinated maintenance among six work centers supporting 209 …

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Aerospace & Defense Conference

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About Us

Drexel Hamilton is an investment bank and asset manager that is 100% owned and operated by combat veterans who served & sacrificed in our nation’s wars from Vietnam to present day Post 9/11 conflicts around the world.

Founded by a Purple Heart combat wounded Vietnam Veteran and managed by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, Drexel was built on the merit of thinking of others before yourself.  This ethos drives our Two Missions:  First is to hire, train, and employ returning service members on wall street.  Second is to give back to our military veteran families and communities.

We are proud to have served our country on and off the battlefield.  Our investment bank and asset manager will always provide professional opportunities for our nation’s heroes.  We will lead the way in diversity and inclusion for military veterans in the financial industry.



Drexel Hamilton will provide opportunities for military veterans and inspire others to do the same.


Task Organization

Drexel Hamilton is organized like a battalion command. We have four business companies within our battalion structure.