Drexel Hamilton is committed to preparing for each business day similar to how we prepared for each mission while serving in the military. Before every mission, a “Warning Order” was issued consisting of a variety of critical information that allowed leaders to successfully maneuver and navigate through the fog of the battlefield. In this spirit, we launched Drexel GPS which covers a range of topical subjects and events with an emphasis on cybersecurity, 5G and related technologies, along with national security and defense. Drexel GPS provides insight in a readily digestible format.

  • Cybersecurity & Global Strategy
    “Outside the Wire” covers the same range of topics as Drexel GPS but with a more comprehensive and focused analysis. It provides our partners and clients deeper insights and includes our views on how cybersecurity, its related events, and other technology can intersect with policy, law, defense and national security,

We offer a unique perspective to global and domestic events given the unparalleled demographic makeup of our employees. 60% of our workforce are Veterans representing all branches and many different roles in the military. In some cases they are still serving in the reserve or National Guard component and in all represent more than 32 combat deployments.

  • Drexel GPS also conducts periodic briefings on a wide range of cybersecurity, technology, and national security topics

To receive Drexel GPS email drexelgps@drexelhamilton.com

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