Alex Kim started his career on Wall Street at Drexel Hamilton in 2013.  He joined the Securitized Products Sales and Trading desk with a focus on Commercial & Residential Mortgage Backed Securities.  In 2018, Alex took over leadership of the desk and became a Managing Partner of the firm during its transition to full Veteran management.  During his time at the helm, Alex has led Drexel Hamilton to become the #1 ranked Co-Manager in the CMBS league tables.

Prior to Drexel Hamilton, the majority of Alex’s career was spent in residential & commercial mortgage originations encompassing the NY/NJ area.  He has seen and experienced every facet of the mortgage business pre- and post-2008 crisis and continues to train and mentor new Veteran hires at Drexel Hamilton.

Alex studied at Rutgers University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Finance.  Prior to attending Rutgers, he was a rifleman in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

Alex holds Series 7, 24, & 63 FINRA Licenses.


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