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Vet with a Vet: Daniel Morales and William Mingione

Vet with a Vet: Daniel Morales & Bill MingioneVet with a Vet: Daniel Morales and William Mingione

William (Bill) Mingione, Managing Director of Equities, often jokes, “When I met Dan, he didn’t know the difference between livestock and preferred stock!” As a product of Drexel Hamilton’s “Vet with a Vet” program, Daniel Morales is now Drexel Hamilton’s top equity sales professional. Here’s how it all began:

When Daniel started at Drexel Hamilton, he was working in the back office operations. As we [the management team] got to know him better, we thought his skills and personality would be better suited for a sales role. As I helped him transition into Equity Sales, I became his trainer and mentor, a relationship that helped to begin Drexel Hamilton’s “Vet with a Vet” training program.

Over time, our mentorship morphed into so much more. It became more of a partnership where we both attended meetings and volunteer projects as peers, rather than just “mentor & mentee”. Then we began getting involved in other things, like the Elite SDVOB Network and Veteran’s in Business (VIB).

We strongly believe that helping other veterans around the industry is also a part of our mission-we want all military veterans to succeed, not just a select few. Over the past few years, Dan worked hard to get the New York State 6% set-aside regulation established and we continue to work with other firms to help them get their own certifications.

Bill has done some awesome things for me, both in and outside of the office. He’s gone above and beyond the firm’s mission to help support not only myself, but my family as well. From inviting us over for holiday dinners, to helping us move into our home, he has been and continues to be a great supporter of my transition from the Marines into the civilian world.

A few words of advice from the duo:
How does someone try to get involved in the business?
Pick up the phone and start dialing. Keep asking. Someone’s bound to say yes… eventually.

What is the most important part of making a mentorship pair work?
Commitment, humility, patience.

What is something that you learned from each other?
You have two ears but one mouth for a reason. You should always do twice as much listening as you do talking. (We are still working on this one!)

What about something that has helped shape your success today?
Hard work.

Daniel Morales

Equity Sales
US Marine Corps Veteran, 8 years of service
Outside Interests: Mixed Martial Arts, Elite SDVOB & VIB, Spending time with the family

William (Bill) Mingione

Managing Director of Equities
Industry Veteran, 22 years of experience
Outside Interests: Volunteer Fireman, Youth Hockey, Elite SDVOB & VIB, Spending time with the family

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