Vet with a Vet: Matthew Murawski and Stancy DuHamel


A Vet With a Vet: Matthew Murawski & Stancy Duhamel

In the last four years, Drexel Hamilton’s overall sales staff has grown from just 12 in 2013 to 43. These financial industry veterans have partnered with our military veteran hires and serve as their mentors through our unique “Vet-with-a-Vet” program. For example, Stancy DuHamel – a longtime municipal sales veteran – has partnered to train Matt Murawski, an Army captain who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Combining the experience and knowledge of the industry veterans with the dedication, work ethic, service, and attention to detail of the military veterans has allowed our sales group to best serve our accounts and clients.


Matthew Murawski

Municipal Sales
US Army Veteran, 7 years of service
Outside Interests: Cycling, reading, politics

When you first found out about our ‘Vet with a Vet’ concept, what appealed to you about it the most?
Veterans new to the financial services business receive one-on-one training and mentoring to make us successful. This opportunity was all the more attractive because I knew that my success would reflect on my mentor, Stancy DuHamel, and that has challenged me to work harder so I don’t let her down.

What do you enjoy most about the Municipal Department?
By taking on an active role in the Municipal Department, I am able to continue to serve the country by participating in the rebuilding of our infrastructure.  In addition, the municipal marketplace is interesting because there are so many different issuers and structures.  To be successful in this asset class, you have to be constantly learning and studying. Taking on a sales role was something new for me coming from the US Army Infantry, but Stancy has helped me make the transition. She taught me how to engage with various PMs and traders while at the same time encouraging me to put my own personal touch on it.

Stancy Duhamel

Municipal Sales
Industry Veteran, 35 years of experience
Outside Interests: Harlem Valley Appalachian Trail Community, Dutchess County Ducks Unlimited, Dutchess Land Conservancy, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, National Parks Conservation Association

What has surprised you most during your experience of mentoring a military vet?
Matt has taught me far more than I have taught him. Early on at Drexel Hamilton, I learned that veterans are agile thinkers and have meta-competencies. They are given extraordinary opportunities and responsibilities at a young age, and accomplish more than most of us by the time they have reached their mid to late twenties. Working closely with Matt, and modelling his leadership qualities, I have become a better listener and a better follower. He has challenged me to be more efficient and patient, and I’ve become more comfortable with delegating. We complement each other well, and have created a strong and enduring partnership. Working with Matt has been the most rewarding experience in my 35 years in the business.

Give us an example of a time when you saw your advice put into practice.
One month after joining Drexel Hamilton, and with no prior muni experience, Matt was backing up my accounts and executing trades in my absence. He achieved this extraordinary success by his close study of the markets and perceptive observations of my style of coverage, and by taking initiative in his own training. He had gained my trust by describing an Army training exercise, “left seat / right side ride” and suggested we do that. After a “Wait, What?” moment, I said, “OK, let’s do it.” After a few weeks in the driver’s seat talking to some of my best relationships, he was able to get in the game quickly.  After a few months, he had a strong grasp of my customers’ standard operating procedures and inquiries. During this time, he read industry tomes and co-covered my accounts. I then reassigned some customers to him, and he initiated coverage on others, and we back-up on all. Teamwork is often preached in the workplace, but less often practiced successfully. Matt is the consummate team player and leads by example; our partnership has set the standard.

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