Drexel Hamilton is committed to preparing for each business day the same way that we prepared for missions in the military.  Before every mission, a “Warning Order” was issued, which was a way to prepare for the upcoming operation.  In the same spirit, we distribute a daily morning “WARNO” that prepares our employees and clients for another exciting, fast-paced day in the markets.  The WARNO includes a look at the futures markets and a military or government-related article that we find topical.  If you would like to receive Drexel Hamilton’s daily WARNO every morning, please send an e-mail to

Our firm recognizes the unique perspective it can bring to Geopolitical events given the majority of its employees have served in the military overseas to include 29 combat deployments.  A few employees continue to serve in the Reserves to include one activated in 2020 in support of the COVID-19 pandemic response.  Due to these experiences, Drexel Hamilton launched Outside the Wire, a periodic commentary provided to clients outlining our views on foreign policy, national defense, national security, and how it might impact markets.  As military veterans, we can provide diverse viewpoints of geopolitical and domestic events ranging from China’s military threat to cybersecurity becoming an increasingly important topic for companies to comprehend.

Drexel also conducts periodic briefings on a wide range of national security topics given by a former US Army Intelligence officer and Counterintelligence Special Agent who has worked with Special Forces focused on intelligence, terrorist, and technical threats.