Mission Statement

Drexel Hamilton LLC is committed to providing best execution and service to our clients. Drexel Hamilton achieves this goal while staying true to our founding principles of creating meaningful employment opportunities for service-disabled veterans in the field of financial services. We are committed to earning the trust of our customers as we demonstrate the excellence and integrity that is the foundation of our core values and business practices.


As with any successful “mission” there must be a plan that is both well-defined and achievable. Drexel Hamilton’s plan is simple- leveraging excellence to achieve and maintain excellence. Adhering to this principle allows us to continue to build an industry leading full-service institutional brokerage and investment bank.

Partner industry veterans with disabled veterans.

Our “Vet with a Vet” philosophy pairs Wall Street veterans with Military veterans. This model allows us to provide top-notch training and mentoring for our veterans in an environment which allows for a two-way flow of ideas which capitalizes and combines the positive attributes and skills of all involved resulting in a more focused and result-oriented approach to fulfilling our clients needs.

Perpetuate the hiring of disabled veterans through demonstrated excellence.

Drexel Hamilton’s continued and growing track record of excellence highlights the abilities of our veterans. Drexel Hamilton’s inherent expertise and recognition as a “go to” resource with regard to veteran employment strategies. Drexel Hamilton has an active and growing number of strategic partnerships with companies across all industries to whom we provide guidance, referrals, and training opportunities for military veterans.

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Drexel Hamilton offers a wide range of product and services which includes traditional debt and equity underwritings. Our bankers provide hands on, value-added coverage. We deliver daily intelligence that assists our clients in navigating the markets.