Full Service Brokerage

  • Domestic Agency Execution
  • Algorithmic and Program Trading
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Corporate Repurchase Programs
  • BIDS and Liquidnet Sponsored Broker
  • CSA Agreements

Our mission is to provide best execution to our clients.  Period.  We do this through attention to detail and by providing our clients with daily stock, sector and market analysis, timely news headlines and important technical levels.  We’ve developed a suite of customized execution venues free of routing conflicts that can meet all client needs including rebalances, block trades, program trades and 10b-18 plans all while maintaining complete anonymity and minimizing market impact.

Drexel Hamilton’s Institutional Equities Trading Desk has significant experience covering institutional clients and values its deep relationships.  Our agency only model is free of potential conflicts of interest created by proprietary trading.  We are specialists in fundamental and technical analysis.  We provide our clients with impactful and timely market color and execution strategies.  We have direct access to the NYSE Floor as well as several 3rd party electronic venues.  Drexel Hamilton also has vast experience executing corporate buybacks, index re-weightings, block trades and programs.

Drexel Hamilton works closely with our clients to develop successful trading strategies that align with their investment objectives. Connect with our team for more information on our equity trading capabilities.

Professional.  Competent.  Consistent.

For more information contact your Drexel Hamilton Representative or our Structured Products Trading Desk at (646) 412-1548