Full Service Brokerage

  • Equity research
  • Domestic/global equity execution
  • Insight and idea flow to institutional accounts
  • Algorithmic & program trading
  • Pre- and post-trade transaction cost analysis
  • Corporate repurchase programs
  • Transition management


Drexel Hamilton LLC, an agency-only order execution platform, supports 24/6 order handling of International Equities, ADRs and GDRs. Experienced traders work for our clients to efficiently and cost effectively seek liquidity enabling Drexel Hamilton to deliver best execution. Electronic monitoring is accomplished in real-time via Bloomberg SSEOMS and access to additional 3rd party venues to provide best execution through a variety of algorithms.

In today’s market place, we recognize the need to anonymously trade large blocks of shares. We provide this through BIDS Trading L.P. providing highly liquid, and low cost ATS platform for both U.S. and International Equities.

Drexel Hamilton works closely with our clients to develop successful trading strategies that align with their investment objectives. Connect with our team for more information on International Equities.


We recognized that in today’s environment our client’s seek to have a one stop solution for all their trading needs, Drexel Hamilton answered that call with the creation of an agency-only US equity and index options trading desk.  Drexel Hamilton has the ability to provide a vast array of option strategies ranging from basic one-legged to complex orders.

For more information, please contact your Drexel Hamilton representative or the trading desk at (646) 412-1520

For more information contact your Drexel Hamilton Representative or our Structured Products Trading Desk at (646) 412-1548