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IT Contact Information

Information Technology Contact Information

Please use this reference to determine both the internal and external points of contact if you have any issues, problems, or questions regarding our technology, your own computer or phones, and contacting Pro4ia.

1) New Hires/New Equipment
For all new hires, Colleen Lindh handles the paperwork and works with Pro4ia to set up the email and active directory accounts. Please inform her immediately of any new hires OR of any terminations. Additionally, passwords for access to new employees will NOT be provided until ALL new employee paperwork is completed and approved.

Ordering for all new equipment is handled by Michael Ivcic. For all new hires, the minimum time needed to get a completely new set-up (laptop/desktop, monitors, etc) is TWO WEEKS. If a new employee is scheduled to start on the 15th of a given month, he needs to know by the 1st of that month to ensure all equipment is ordered and set-up properly. Often it can be completed sooner than two weeks, but shipping and formatting times often vary, so the expected lead time is two weeks.Anyone needing any replacement equipment or new equipment, please see Michael Ivcic as well.

Please do not contact Pro4ia directly for any of these areas – please contact the Drexel Hamilton point of contact highlighted above.

2) Software/Connectivity Issues
Anyone with software, network, or other computer problems that do not require new equipment (internet connection problems, forgotten passwords, TV’s not working, sound or monitor issues, etc) should send a polite email directly to Pro4ia at “support@pro4ia.com” for tech support help. Our internal contact for all tech issues is now Meghan Polis. If you are having a problem reaching Pro4ia, or they are unable to provide the proper assistance, please let Meghan know and she will follow up.

Included in this area is access to specific email distribution lists or access to folders on the shared drive. For help with any of these, again please either email Pro4ia directly or reach out to Meghan Polis and she can contact Pro4ia on your behalf.

If you attempt to troubleshoot the problem on your own (replace monitor or computer, change settings, etc) please include that in your report to Pro4ia. Recently there have been multiple reports of Pro4ia support techs who have been misled because an employee did not report that he or she changed computers, changed cables, or alters the settings in some way. Especially with regards to our New York office, not every work station is set up the same way, so it’s important to note any changes that have been made so Pro4ia can accurately address the problem.

When reporting an issue to Pro4ia, please be as descriptive as possible to expedite how quickly the problem can be diagnosed and fixed.

Finally, for those the the New York office, please do not, under any circumstance, contact Pro4ia to move your workstation from one location to another! We are billed for on-site visits separately, so please utilize your own physical capabilities or the capabilities of those around you if a workstation move is required.

3) Phones
Any and all phone issues, including changing numbers or physical phones, for the New York office, Philadelphia office, and all Squawk phones should be reported to Michael Ivcic. As with section 1, please do not email Pro4ia directly – they will send the request back for approval anyway. Any phone issues in any regional office with the office phones provided should be reported to the appropriate on-site contact at the respective office.

Office Holidays 2018Office Holidays 2018 are days that the firm is expected to be close that align with market holidays.

Jan 1: New Year’s Day
Jan 15: Martin L. King Day
Feb 19: Presidents’ Day
May 28: Memorial Day
Jul 4: Independence Day
Sep 3: Labor Day
Nov 22: Thanksgiving
Dec 25: Christmas Day

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November 27, 2017:
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