The Drexel Hamilton Delta1x platform was created to address regulatory driven market changes in a post financial crisis world. First, our enhanced yield, AA+ guaranteed, cash management strategy fills a void left by the banks limited ability to hold cash deposits. Our innovative marketplace will allow investors from all segments to gain access to a “new” asset class previously only reserved for certain bank desks. Delta1x creates the right structure for the right end user and delivers risk-adjusted returns previously unavailable to them.

Secondly, Delta1x brings robust technology, relationships and experience to a stock loan market that is one of the last OTC bilateral markets. With banks constrained from allocating enough balance sheet to support needed financing, stock loan is primed to open to all investor segments. Delta1x is a marketplace where all stock lenders and borrowers can meet anonymously and have access to all participants. It will help investors recapture lost securities finance capacity and liquidity in a more secure and transparent structure.