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Mission Statement

Drexel Hamilton, LLC is a full-service institutional broker-dealer founded on the principle of offering meaningful employment opportunities to disabled veterans desiring a career in financial services. We are committed to developing the best full-service institutional broker-dealer in the market, but most importantly earning the trust of our customers as we demonstrate our commitment to highest standards of Ethics, Morality, and Service.

What is the “battle plan”?

As with any successful “mission” there must be a plan that is both clear and achievable. Drexel Hamilton’s plan is simple – leverage excellence to achieve excellence. The result is an opportunity for those who deserve it most!

Build an industry leading full-service institutional boutique broker-dealer.

Attract seasoned industry veterans who have demonstrated throughout their careers the ability to place the needs of the customer first and deliver value.

Partner industry veterans with disabled veterans.

Industry veterans are inspired by the example and resilience of disabled veterans, and disabled veterans are trained and mentored by experienced industry veterans.

Perpetuate the hiring of disabled veterans through demonstrated excellence.

As disabled veterans are trained in the industry and given the opportunity to demonstrate their unique capacity to achieve excellence, there are three natural outflows:

  1. More firms are interested in hiring disabled veterans.
  2. Drexel expands its capacity to hire.
  3. Disabled veterans develop the capacity to train more disabled veterans.